2014 Truman Club Endorsements

After an extremely successful 2012, the Truman Club is preparing for a busy 2014 election season. While it is generally not our practice to offer early endorsements, we encourage interested candidates to submit their application for endorsement at their earliest convenience to ensure proper consideration.

We ask that candidates or campaigns seeking an endorsement and/or a monetary contribution from the Truman Club shall submit a written request. However, a statewide or federal candidate need not submit a written request if the endorsement recommendation is submitted by a Truman Club Executive Committee member.

The Truman Club Executive Committee members will reach out to candidates who are seeking endorsement.  To aid in the Committee’s consideration of endorsement requests, applicants are strongly encouraged to complete the Truman Club Questionnaire and to submit a resume.

Questionnaires and resumes may be submitted here:

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Sweeping Victories for Truman Endorsed Candidates

95%Congratulations to all of our endorsed candidates. With two Sacramento Council races still too close to call, 18 of our 19 other endorsed candidates (for existing offices) were victorious on November 6th. We enjoyed sweeping Democratic victories across the region, the state and the nation.

Our community is lucky that such talented leaders stepped up to take on the challenges facing the region, but we are confident folks like Ami Bera, Ken Cooley and Michael Picker will add to the fantastic leadership we have received from folks like John Garamendi, Doris Matsui, Mariko Yamada, Roger Dickinson, Richard Pan and Nancy Bui and that our best days in the Sacramento region are yet to come.

Fall 2012 Endorsements

The Truman Club is proud to have endorsed a number of fantastic candidates for election in November. Our endorsement process is ongoing. If you would like to be considered for endorsement, more information is available here.

United States Congress

John Garamendi, 3rd District
Ami Bera, 7th District
Doris Matsui, 6th District

California State Assembly 

Mariko Yamada, 4th District
Roger Dickinson, 7th District
Ken Cooley, 8th District
Richard Pan, 9th District

SMUD Board of Directors

Nancy Bui, Ward 2
Mike Picker, Ward 5

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