Sponsor the Truman Club in 2016

We hope you or your employer will consider supporting the Truman Club in 2016 through a sponsorship. We rely on our generous sponsors to provide the support and stability that make it possible to put on these luncheons and to support great candidates.

Sponsorships can be reserved by calling Ruth Gottleib at 647-4080 or emailing her at gottliebandassoc@comcast.net Sponsorhips may be purchased by sending a check to: Harry S Truman Democratic Club (State ID# 810370; Federal ID#94-2863864) Attn: Chip Wilkins c/o Remy, Moose & Manley, 555 Capitol Mall, Suite 800, Sacramento, CA 95814.

Alternately, please click here to sponsor the Truman Club at the Speaker Sam Rayburn ($350) level via an online donation or click here to sponsor at a higher level.

HST 2016 Luncheons advance flyer