Just Added: Special Lunch with Barbara Boxer!

The Truman Club’s next lunch is Monday, August 29th at The Sterling Hotel, 13th & H Streets at 11:30

IMPORTANT NOTE: Tickets are NOT part of sponsorship packages that cover the four original lunches. All tickets must be purchased individually.

As we know, Senator Barbara Boxer, one of the Democratic Party’s staunchest progressives, is not running for a fifth term after having served in the Senate since 1992 and before that for 10 years in the
House of Representatives.

But she is not retiring. As she has said, “I promise to remain very active. As long as there are issues and
challenges and strife, I never will retire, because that’s the meaning of my life. I want to come home to the state that I love so much.”

AND, one of her stops will be Sacramento to once again address the Truman Club as she did in 1996.
Please join us to say “Welcome back and welcome home Senator”

RSVP to Ruth Gottlieb at 647-4080 or gottliebandassoc@comcast.net (so we can order enough lunches. And let Ruth know if you CAN’T attend (we have to pay for every unused lunch).

Tickets and sponsorships can be purchased by sending a check to:

Harry S Truman Democratic Club (State ID# 810370 / Federal ID# 94-2863864)
5341 Callister Ave. Sacramento, CA 95819.

Or pay online: 

1 ticket: [nicepaypallite name="Luncheon Ticket" amount="55.00" quantity="1"] 2 tickets: [nicepaypallite name="Luncheon Ticket" amount="55.00" quantity="2"] 3 tickets: [nicepaypallite name="Luncheon Ticket" amount="55.00" quantity="3"] 4 tickets: [nicepaypallite name="Luncheon Ticket" amount="55.00" quantity="4"]